Wedding music isn’t hard at all to find in Birmingham. Perhaps the choice is a little overwhelming. We are here to help you find wedding hire in Birmingham City and recommend the best of the best. The award winning wedding bands for your special day.

DJs and Wedding Bands are readily available in all styles of music to serve your needs. There is more than enough supply for the demand. 

This means that you can afford to be choosy. And, you can have a surprisingly pleasant experience when planning a wedding. 

A fantastic disc jockey may be the preference of most. It is most affordable when working with a small wedding budget. However, many still understand that live music is a symbol of class and elegance. Needless to say, prices will rise accordingly with the size of this band. 

Either way you choose, you will need a real professional to expertly prepare your song list. Either the DJ or the band leader should be seasoned at understanding the best wedding songs to fit your precise needs. 

A wedding planning checklist for the audio should start by dividing your day into these particular segments: 

The wedding ceremony is best served with classical wedding music. The classical musicians will have great wedding ceremony ideas to help you organize your marriage segment. 

For your reception, the Wedding entrance song should be lively and very festive as your parents and wedding party are introduced into the reception hall. 

A knowledge of wedding tune first dance selections is the first order to fill. Needless to say, this is the main song of your wedding reception. The musician or DJ needs to have a huge selection of choices for you to work from should you be uncertain as to what song to choose for the first wedding dance. 

This moment is deeply emotional for your parents and they’ll treasure the experience for the rest of their lives. It would be sensible to let your parents select the song that’s intimate to their feelings for you! 

For the remainder of your reception, a good choice of party music ought to be chosen to make your guests happy. It’s a fantastic idea to give them an experience that they will talk about for years to come with the wedding party music. 

Once more, it’s a great idea to ask your loved ones and friends to suggest songs that they enjoy. It will make your tune choice choices a breeze. Your guests will be very content. The celebration will take on a magical life of its own. 

Draw up this list to give to the group leader or wedding band a few weeks in advance. Make that list a vital part of your overall wedding checklist. You can contact Apollo Soul on their website,

I’m delighted to let you know that you could have all the music on your wedding program done with one call. And, have access to a choice of several very inexpensive wedding music packages. 

Have all the music wedding topics of your special day organised in one location with one seasoned music expert.